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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 28, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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jacksons reunionntour... 3omorrrw on fox45 morning nees.- (resident) "all of this is about taking my money and wasting t." it." your ater bill... about to go up. how much more you'll pay... and what the money ii going towards. expect to pay hundreds of dollars to keep your kids occupied this summer.the three things that take the most cash out of your wallet. and.. the two eaches you can get to on one tank of gas... that are among the cleanest in the country. 3 3 today is thursday, june 28. 3
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3 the baltimore county police officer accused of chasing down aad killing a teenager &ptwo weeks ago... is indicted. indicted.ooficer james laboard &pwas just charged yeeterday. megan gilliland is live from the courthouse in towson with more on whatttook so loog. long.gooddmorning guys,officer
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laboard turned himselffin pesterday... he walked into the courthouse here for his walked back out.he was en released on his own recognizanc. recognizance.but he was puspended without ay as the case continues..he nine year veteran... is facing one count pf manslaughter and one coont of invvluntary manslaughter inn the eath of randallstown teenn.. christopher brown. investigators say... the 17 year ld and other teens were throwing rocks when one damaged laboards door.the off duty officer chased affer brown for several blocks.when he caught up with the teen... they struggled... brown became unconscious and later died. (3:21)in this case thh evidence shows that a moment during this altercation officcr laboard stepped beyond (37:11)we need toofind out did you have your weapon on you... did you identify yyurself as a police officer and at beast if all you ere aamend with was your cell phone why didnt you call 991 and ensure at a bare minimum some tye of record as
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to whht was happening. happening.there's been a lot of scrutiny over why it took so long for charges to be filed.the state's attorney says theetiming offthe indictment was basee purely on the completion of the investigation. coming up next half hour, hear from the victim's mother... on from the vichy she believes the withhholding in towson, iim megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 first on fox... an edgewood man claims an off duty assaulted him...because the officer thought a ruu deel was going down. happened tuesday night in harford county.21-yeaa-old carson hutton says he was ii the car with friends, on their way to get a milkshake... when the officer approached him... going down..utton says in a rage... the officer pointed a him to the ground.he says the officer never identified
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"he was pointed it like any other gun, holding it right at the window right at my ffce was scary he had his finger on the trigger he could have snnezeddand shot mes" mes"hutton has no ccimnal record.the harford countyy sheriff'' office has applied to charge the fficer with second degree assault.we contaated thh baltimore city &ppolice department... but as o this morning we haven't reeeived a response on this incident. a baltimore county the van was ound wednesday morning n the parking lot of ámondaamin mallá in west baltimore. it belongs to the mount pleasant a-m-e church in owings mills. the keys duringgthe burglary of a church member's home in baltimore city. the suspect then used the van as a get-away--ar after robbing an 83-year-old man at a ppkesville mcdonalds. no arrests yet. fox45 has teamed up with the most popular crime mapping "spotcrrme" tracks criminal activity in your neighborhood.
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you can also get emails when to ur website... fox- baltimore dot com...and clickk on "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section at the toppof the screen. an elllcott city man is arrested after damaging a speed camera. "bruce may" was charged with second degree ssault, destruction of property and reckless enddngerment... after hh fired glass marbles with a sling shot... at a speed &pwhile the operrtor was still iiside t , tuesday night.the operator of the van called policee.. who eventually ptopped and arrested "may". pooice say "may" had received two speed camera violations in released on a 3-thousand dollaa bond. "i lost control the speed cameraa are just a pet ppeve of mine i um pretty much was having a bad day and i did this is the third incideett - this month involving attacks on speed camera vans and their operators. police are investigating whether the
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three incidents are related. 3&if you live in baltimore city... get ready to pay more for increase goes into effect today after being ppproved bb the city board of estiiates last night. night.the oaad of estimaaes percent hike in water...and sewwr rates. the depprtment of public works says the increase is necessary to help pay for repairs to the ciiy's aging infrastructure. but before the vote... some residents showed up to voice their opposition to the increase. calculating them and how much can mismanage more of our poney? i don't think so." so..(resident) "if you want too keep ten thousand people in the city, you better start thinking about how how youucan stop this bleeding ffom us being taxed to death." death."once again... the increass in citywater rates...goes into effect today. if you live n area counties...and use city watee...yoor rates...will be set by county governments.
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the u-s supreme court releases dan lothian ion's heal. explains... presideet ooama and other lawmakers are preppring for the decision. deeision. since the u-s supremm court is leak-prrof, how the justices will rule on health care is mostly a guessing game. oo the line, the president's signature legislative accomplishhent whhch he continues to tout as the right pight to make sure that over 3 million young people can stay onntheir arent's health insurance plan. (applause.) i beliive it was right to prooide ore discounts for drugs."if the igh court tion doesnnt agree ompleeely, what next? top whitt house aides recenn women's health own hall at the white house, hhalth and human services secretary kathleen sebelius painted a dark picture if the court strikes the law entirely. "itthas some pretty cataclysmic impact along the
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way because really we've had tto years of implementation." adminnstration was prepared with contingencies for whatever the court ruled. but when pressed on whether they were gaming out different scenariis, wwite hhuse spokesman jay carney seemed to permutations. i'm not o many - sure that, how useful it is too spend at least our timm doing that."president obama will learn of the ruling about te same time the public does. rooo set up in anticiiation of the courts decision. but on capitol hiil, key democrats and republicans are gearing up to respond with pre-written messages to three different scenarios. senaaor johh kerry hhs already announced a nnwss conference. house speeker john boehner has et up a apid response team thaa will flood tv, adio anddsocial media. for a battle in congress."if the entire law the house will
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move to repeal what's left of it.""but tte obama administration is onfident that the health care aw is constitutional and that it is efficient wayyto insure ameriians. daa lothian, cnn, the white house." the house will vote today on holding attorrey general eric holder in contempt of congress. congress.holder is accused of withholding documenns involving the failed fast aad furiouu eapons crackdown. if holder is held in cootempt... it would be the fiist ever for an aatorney general. trrpical depression debby... causes some major sinkholes in florida. takk a look at ttis video. sink holes opened up in peopll's closing several roads. crewssarr now wwrking to make sure the area around them are saae. planning n heading to the coast this weekend?well you could find yourself spreading your towel out... on a five star beach...two beaches along our coast madd the list of the nations cleanest beachhs. and delawaaees dewey beach 6 -
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earnnd the rating...after a beach sites were tested by d council.... testing includes public is notified about l the 3 potential wwter hazards. things get a bit áwildá... at the miami zoo. take look at this rare moment... captured on amera. 7-year-old alex hawker was posing for a picture in front of the lion's den... when he got quite the surprise. "it jumped on the glass, ann i said, 'what was that?' then i looked. it was a lion."" hawker's daddcaptured the picture of his son'' wild encounter with the animal. he says it was sheer luck... a "one in a billion shot." a major spill on a busyy highway... where this spill happenedd.. and tte substance on the road winter wonderland! ((break 1))!
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with the 20-12 summer olympics jjst a month away... london is getting into the spirit oo the games. here you can see a view of tower bridge where the olympii rings now hang. more than 10- thousaad athletes will compeee during the 20-12 lyypiis. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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((traffic reporter ad libs))), map fiber map bel air map 295 map fiber map bel air map 225
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3 keeping those kidssbusy this summer... will cost you! you!the average cost a amily will spend on activities forr billions!llions!!-nd a hint... 3
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it's a taste of new york.. right here in maryland.jessica deep creek lake... where it's never oo earlyyfor pizza! pizza! 3
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taking care of kids... seems to be a lucritive job! money families wiil spend onn a baaysitter this summer! summer!and an airline worker makes a major mistake!what he did... ttat made a womaa lose chunks of her hair. ((break 3)) -3
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[ horn honks ] ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real.
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thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country. to vote "yes" on national harbor... of americcns wondering how ns much it will cost you to keep your kidd busy this suumer...
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alison osik gives us a break down of what tooexpect.... expect.... --reportee pkk-as follows -- swim clubs and trips to the museum don't come cheap.. that's why americannexppess says families across the country will spend more than $16 billion dollars this summer trying keep their kkds occupied. for the aaerage family, that breaks down to more than $600 dollars per child. for the wealthy -- that number jumps to more than a thousand dollars. american express says activities llke camp aad swimming are at their peak during summee months -- so parents should anticipate paying a premium. but that doesn't seem to be scaring most people off.. about 28 million families expect to entertain their kids witt some day trips -- like a visit to - an amusement park -- are the mosttpopullr choice. sports are second most popular-- and can be a cheaper option. educational activities like summer classes are numbee three on the list, followed by swim club memberships. and even though day camp can be pricey, it remains a staple of ssmmer break. for pareensswho need someone to watch their kids -- that also comms at a costt american express sayy the average family wiil spenn
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more than $400 dollars on a -----end-----cnn.script----- jerry sandusky... caasing more controversy. controversy.why he's undee firee.. for recieving his pension...even though he could spend the rest of his life in p. prision.
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the supreme court rulesson obamacare. how it will affect care in maryland... on fox45 news at five.3 3


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